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Getting Ready for a Big Spring Splash

Dear swimmers

With children returning to school we see the first step of lockdown easing and all look forward to the exciting next steps to come including of course our long-awaited return to the pool.

Aquatots Lessons at most pools shall commence from Saturday 17th April onwards

Prime Minister

As an organised learn to swim lesson, Aquatots classes are able to resume from the 12th April based on the government's latest plan however, taking into account the Easter School holidays, we are scheduling classes to start no sooner than the weekend of the 17th and 18th April onwards. That will mean any swimmers with existing plans during the holidays are not disrupted.

Of course, this date will need to be confirmed by the government on the 5th April, however, that is not stopping us from planning now to ensure a smooth and swift return to swimming for you all.

When can I expect to hear the dates for my classes?

Pool Terms App

We are delighted to confirm that already we have dates agreed with over 80% of our venues and more responses are coming in every day. Not only have we been confirming dates for the new term but also for any classes still remaining from the Autumn 2020 term that we were unable to complete before lockdown.

As these dates are confirmed we are updating the pool table below and your teachers will also notify you that the dates have been added.

Rebooking - How it will work and what we shall be asking you to do

The rebooking this term will be a little different and much depends on how far into your old term you were or indeed if you have already completed it. We will be sending booking invitations and your teacher will also be keeping you in the loop but do read the linked page which explains what will be happening over the coming weeks and any action you may need to take.

All you need to know on Rebooking

Taking care of our little swimmers

Taking care of our little swimmers Settling Our Swimmers in after the long break will be our priority

Our Teachers and parents are all very conscious of how much time each of our little people has been out of the water and how they may need additional support and reassurance.

We have put together a guide for our parents, giving some great info on what to expect and how you can prepare : Returning to Aquatots after a break

Covid Safety still in place

The great news is that all the hard work carried out last year on making venues and lessons covid secure is still valid so we will be able to carry on where we left off. This includes smaller class numbers and the pool specific safety guidelines. We will of course be reminding everyone what they need to bring and all changing requirements etc nearer the time.

View a recap on keeping safe at the pool