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Our New Year Wish is to be back in the pool with you as early as possible

Dear swimmers

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you all, and as ever we hope your family and you are all keeping safe and well at this time.

As a result of the Lockdown announced in early January, all swimming pools in the UK have had to close which sadly means no Aquatots lessons for now. At the moment, the review date for this is the 22nd February and we hope that a return to the pool is not far away.

We will be back as soon as permitted

For now, we want to reassure you, we will have prepared everything, to return quickly the moment restrictions are lifted. One thing we have become quite adept at, over the past few months, is preparing to jump back in to the water as soon as permissions allow, this time will not be any different.


What happens to the remaining lessons for the Autumn Term?

As soon as we are permitted to swim, we will pick up, from exactly where we left off and those last lessons, of the Autumn term, will be completed first.

The new Winter Term

With the completion of Autumn term being delayed for many of our pools, the extended festive break, will for the majority of swimmers, push back the scheduled start dates for the new Winter Term. As soon as we are aware of the new return to swimming dates, we will notify all swimmers promptly, with revised term dates for 2021.

Term dates will be updated when our return date is confirmed
Please use the pool selector below to see the revised dates for your pool.

Securing your space for the new Winter Term

We are still taking new bookings so if you are looking to get your little one swimming as soon as possible, get in touch and we can advise the latest availability. Equally, if you haven’t re-booked and secured your space for the next term, do book online or contact the office team and they’ll be happy to help.

Again thank you all your loyalty and support in 2020. We are confident that 2021 is going to be a much easier year for us all and with a lot more time spent in the water! In the meantime stay subscribed to our emails and follow our social media channels so we can stay in touch over the coming weeks with news and activities.

Happy New Year from The Aquatots Team

Has anything changed for my swimming lessons within the new Tiers

The safety procedures implemented in September still apply across all pools but as it’s been a few weeks it’s definitely worth reminding yourself of the process at your pool with the link on your timetable.

View a recap on keeping safe at the pool