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We love what we do at Aquatots ! We love to hear how much fun you are having too. We have thousands of 'Thank you's and wonderful customer Testimonials. With so many other activites for children to join, we all look for feedback and opinions from families like ourselves, to find the best activtiy for our children. We believe, at Aquatots we are the best at what we do, others just simply try to copy.  Come and join in the fun and the learning, below is just  a just a few of the testimonials our swimmers send in to us.


We started swimming lessons with Laura H at Maidstone when Rafael was 6 months old and we are now still with Laura at Sevenoaks. Laura explained in the beginning that a main focus of the lessons would revolve around voice commands that trigger muscle memory to develop life saving skills as well as lots of fun!
As English is not our native tongue, we were concerned that Rafael would not get the voice commands. So we practised not just during swimming classes but also every day during bath time. We were astonished in how quickly he picked up and understood the "ready go" and the "hold on" and how he learnt not to panic in these real life situations.
If Aquatots taught us something is how amazing babies are and that they are capable of a lot more than we think!
More importantly, he absolutely loves it! Rafael loves going to the classes, he smiles when he sees Laura because he knows he is going to have a great time!
Now he is almost 11 months and because of Laura's teachings he doesn't fear the water and loves going under water too. So he is becoming a lot more independent, meaning that he is already trying to swim on his own. How amazing is that!                                                      ---------Mrs Pereria , Customer--------

Wonderful school! Isla is enjoying her classes so much and we have an amazing teacher!

Mrs Kerwood, Customer

Where do I start? I love Aquatots, both my daughters are learning incredibly important life saving skills in the water without even realising it because they are having so much fun doing it. Our teacher, is so supportive and encouraging you can tell she really cares about all of the children who swim with her. My 3 year old can now swim 50 metres independently, only achieved by amazing teaching. If you are thinking about signing your children up just do it, you won't regret it.

Mrs Tarr , Customer

My son swam with Aquatots for 7 years and we both loved it! A wonderful way to learn to swim at such an amazingly young age. I would recommend this to everyone.

Mr Rhodes, Customer

Absolutely brilliant! Can't believe the progress both our little ones have made within a short time and they are absolutely loving it. A big Thanks to Aquatots

Ms Smits, Customer

Absolutely love swimming at Aquatots, my son has been happy in the water since day one. Our teacher is so friendly, knowledgable and makes everyone feel completely at ease.

Ms Bradshaw, Customer

I cannot praise my teacher enough for being the most wonderfully fabulous swimming teacher I've ever had. I've not stuck to much, but I started Aquatots when my daughter was 16 weeks old, and it is the one thing my daughter and me can't wait for every Monday because it's so much fun! She's nearly 2 1/2 now. Aquatots has been so fantastic! 

Mrs Whelan , Customer

My husband and I love taking Tabitha to Aquatots! Our Teacher is AMAZING. Our daughter is in her second term, and it's amazing to see what she has learned. She really enjoys the class, and we feel good knowing she is learning life saving skills. Definitely a great investment!

Mrs Shields , Customer