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The New NormalOur new guidance and advice for Aquatots Swim Lessons with effect from 26th July 2021

Working together to provide a safe & fun
experience for everyone long term.

Working together to provide a safe & fun experience for everyone long term

12 months ago we implemented a number of procedures and requirements at our venues to ensure our lessons were a COVID secure environment and we were delighted with how quickly our swimmers adapted to these changes to help protect everyone.

Of course there were some restrictions that we would rather not have had to impose such as Teachers not being able to have a hands on approach with your lovely children however there have been many processes that we now see have made the swimming experience far more enjoyable for the majority and have kept lessons running far smoother than ever before.

With this in mind, along with recognising that we are now all getting used to a new normal, we will be keeping some guidelines and requirements in place longer term. Rest assured any processes will be focussed on providing our swimmers with the most fun, safe and smooth running experience possible for all future lessons.

So here is our new Normal that we ask all swimmers and Teachers to follow during your time with Aquatots.

Please be aware that measures may differ from pool to pool as we follow the local authority and venue guidelines which could change at times depending on local infection rates.

Firstly let’s tell you what is coming back to Aquatots lessons!!

  • A Hand’s on approach to Teaching - With parent’s agreement our Teachers cannot wait to be able to hold your children and swim them to help demonstrate best swim positions etc. On all close contact our Teachers will still be wearing face shields and this contact will be with your approval only but it truly is the one thing our Teachers have missed the most and can’t wait to have that involvement again which our survey suggested you all wanted too.
  • It’s raft time!!! - No more explaining to disappointed little faces, why we can’t get the raft out. It’s back for sitting and running and we can’t wait. We do apologise now for any over excited teachers trying to hop on too but boy has it been missed for playtime!!
  • Pre Swim Showers - Our long term swimmers already know the importance of a pre swim shower to ensure that we keep the pool water a clean as possible. Now that we can be a little more flexible we will be asking swimmers to use the showers before our lessons for a quick rinse however we would please ask that post swim showers take place at home to ensure we stick to a turnaround of 15 mins from the lesson ending to leaving the venue. This helps to keep the number of swimmers in the venue at any one time to a minimum.

Now to what’s staying, for your safety and to keep classes running smoothly

  • Face Masks - Similar to many indoor venues we will continue to request that all adults wear a face covering whilst moving around the building and in the changing rooms especially. This can be removed before entering the pool.
  • Arrive Swim Ready - Please continue to arrive Swim / Beach Ready – To minimise time spent within changing areas we ask that all swimmers come to the pool swim ready, with swimwear under your clothing. The only exception will be our baby swimmers still in nappies as changing into swimming nappies can still happen in designated changing areas. Everyone will however be able to change after the lesson but we would ask that this takes place as quickly as possible and you are exiting the building within 15 minutes of your lesson finishing. A great option for children is a quick change into a baby grow or onesie for a swift change.
  • Swim Bubbles - All swimmers will remain with the same group at all times and avoid any class crossover or "extra" swimmers arriving from week to week. This also assists with Track and Trace should the need arise and therefore make up classes will not be permitted for the foreseeable future. We hope you understand that this is for the safety of everyone. As always please be assured that your teacher will ensure that you catch up during class on any skills you may have missed previously. We will continue to allow just one parent / Swim Partner into the water with each child at all venues.
  • Adult and Sibling Spectators - Whilst we would love you to be able to share the excitement of your child’s lessons with friends and family from the poolside we have to ensure that this isn’t at the detriment of space available to our swimmers. Our venues have requested that our operational procedures remain the same, and therefore we are unable to invite adult spectators back just yet.

    However, we understand that some parents who usually swim when siblings are at school or other activities may need to bring them along, and have therefore been able to allow siblings at some pools.

    This must be agreed and booked in with your teacher in advance of the lesson, as we can only allow a maximum of 2 on the poolside. This way we ensure that we do not disappoint anyone by turning them away. Please also note we have several venues and pool owners that are insisting we keep numbers to the minimum and do not allow spectators at all including siblings due to the size of the venue. Your teacher will be able to explain which pools this applies to.

    Sibling spectators can only be admitted if old enough to be trusted to sit still and the teacher deems there somewhere safe for them to stay. They must be kept in sight of and be directly supervised by the parent at all times, and only be an option if parent has no other choice.

Maintaining a Hygienic Environment

  • Baby Change Mats - We will continue to recommend bringing along your own change mat. The roll up versions are very easy to travel with. An example can be seen in our web shop. Alternatively an extra towel will suffice.
  • Hand Sanitising - Hand Sanitisers will still be available at the entrance to every venue and cleaning sprays to clean any high touch points after use. We would ask that you please continue to make use of both items. Our venues are thoroughly cleaned before our arrival and once we have departed. During lessons our teachers will carry out regular sanitising around the pool side and cleaning stations will be available throughout the building for parents to wipe down areas after use.
  • Goggles / Swim Hats - Sharing such items is not the most hygienic of options so although teachers may have one or two spare, we would continue to request that all swimmers bring along their own items when required. For our child level swimmers, enjoying snorkelling, we will be able to provide one or two spare sets of fins for those forgotten but will no longer supply spare snorkels or masks due to the nature of their use.
  • Shoe storage - If the venue you attend has a shoe rack on site please feel free to use these now however in case this is not an option please bring a spare bag which allows you to keep these with the rest of your belongings rather than taking up floor space and creating a trip hazard.

We are still all in this together Help us to help you

  • Please observe social distancing and keep your child with you at all times both outside the venue in parking areas and whilst in the building.
  • Use all hand sanitisers and cleaning stations where directed.
  • Please comply with all directional signage within the venue.
  • Please keep changing times to a minimum and arrive Swim Ready.
  • Please arrive promptly and depart soon after your lesson is complete.
  • Please be patient if asked to queue.
  • Please ensure you have read and understand your pool venue instructions before arrival.
  • Please follow all instructions given by your Teacher. As well as being highly skilled swim teachers, they are the most knowledgeable people you will have at your venue on how best to stay safe whilst with us.
  • If you wish to discuss any individual issues with your teacher, can we ask that this takes place via a call outside of lesson to ensure that we can swiftly exit swimmers from the water?
  • Most importantly if you are unwell or display any Symptoms of Coronavirus please do not attend your lesson and notify us via phone.

Your Checklist of what to bring

  • Your Pool Venue Instructions.
  • Swim Nappy for your little one. Two tight fitting layers as normal.
  • Swimwear on under your Clothing With the exception of Nappy wearing Babies / Toddlers.
  • Towels for Parent and Child.
  • Change Mat extra thick towel for our younger swimmers who need to be laid down for changing.
  • Extra Bag for Shoes to be placed in.
  • Goggles / Swim Hat or Snorkel & Fins kit - if required for your lessons.
  • Face Mask.
  • Your own hand sanitiser and wipes as a precaution.
  • Snorkel kit for child levels only

Thank you to all our swimmers that took the time to complete our survey on what a return to normal should look like. We hope that all of the above measures continue to provide our swimmers with the safest and most enjoyable experiences.

And finally...One of the safest places to be! Let's not forget that all of our swimming pools are treated with Chlorine which is understood to deactivate the virus within 15 seconds, meaning the swimming pool environment, is one of the safer areas to be, with hands staying sanitised for the duration of the time you are in the water.