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Your New Aquatots Swimming Lessons

We are all living in a new "normal" and having to change the way we operate from day to day, however, thankfully most of these day to day changes have been fairly easy to get used to. The great news is that the return to swimming changes are very straightforward for everyone, providing we all work together, so this guide tells you just how we will provide everyone with a safe and fun return.

Now let's take a moment to reassure you of the overall measures we have put in place. Every venue has a personalised return plan to allow for the differences in venues, both in size of the pools and size of the other areas such as changing but this gives an overview for all.

Social Distancing

  • Before and after Lessons - A number of measures have been put in place to ensure that minimal time is spent in the building before and after lessons. This ensures that each class has more than adequate space to observe social distancing at all times. These measures include coming Beach/swim Ready and removing the use of showers.
  • In the Pool – We have carefully allocated individual Swimmer "learning zones" and Teacher "teaching zones" for every pool and adapted some of skills to minimise unnecessary contact. Teachers will also be wearing masks at certain times during lessons when the need arises.
  • Your Class - We are also requesting that only one parent attends with each child. No spectators will be allowed for the time being.
  • Creating Swim Bubbles – All swimmers will remain with the same group at all times and avoid any class crossover or "extra" swimmers arriving from week to week.  This includes the removal of make up classes for the forseeable future


Our venues are thoroughly cleaned before our arrival and once we have departed. During lessons our teachers will carry out regular sanitising around the pool side and cleaning stations will be available throughout the building for parents to wipe down areas after use.

  • Hand Sanitising – Hand Sanitisers will be available at the entrance to every venue.
  • Surface contamination – We have removed all non-essential items such as shared change mats, changing boxes and play pens to reduce the number of shared touch points.
  • In the pool – Let's not forget that all of our pools are treated with Chlorine which is understood to deactivate the virus within 15 seconds, leaving the pool one of the safer areas to be with hands staying sanitised for all the time you are in the water.

Face Masks

At times where distance is not possible in the pool and where parents may need assistance, our teachers will be wearing a clear mask to provide additional protection. We also request that all adults wear a face covering whilst moving around the building and in the changing rooms especially ,that they can remove before entering the pool.

Staff Training

All Aquatots Teachers and pool assistants have been provided with a comprehensive return to swimming training programme and have both the skills and the knowledge to manage your return to the pool and ensure that it's easy, safe and enjoyable.

So now on to what you can expect and what to bring

Preparing for your lesson

  • Showering at Home – To keep changing times to a minimum showering will not be available on site. We therefore ask that you take a quick shower at home before coming swimming as this helps keep our pools clean.

Arriving at the pool venue

  • Pool Instructions – Each pool will have a carefully detailed plan of how to enter the building, where to change and where to wait for entry to the pool. Please do ensure you read this before your first lesson as it's likely to be different to how you previously arrived. Each class will operate as its own bubble and the plan will ensure that you stay with the same group whilst at the venue and also maintaining safe distances.
  • Social Distance - When approaching the pool building whether that be from car parking or the road, please do observe social distancing at all times. 
  • Prompt arrival - The plan for each pool has been carefully calculated and relies on swimmers arriving on time. We regret that we will be unable to accommodate any late arrivals should you arrive after your swim session has commenced. We suggest that you arrive 10 minutes before your swim lesson which provides the earlier class with 15 mins to change after swimming and leave the premises before you enter the changing area.
  • Entering the pool building – Please use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the building and observe any signs regarding numbers allowed in at any one time.
  • QR Code Check in - The majority of our pools have a QR Code allowing you the check in via the NHS Tracing App.  If you can't see one on site please ask your teacher.
  • Use of Face Masks – Although these are not required within the pool itself we ask that all parents wear facemasks whilst moving through the changing areas and entrance halls.
  • Changing Facilities - Arrive Swim / Beach Ready – To minimise time spent within changing areas we ask that all swimmers come to the pool swim ready, with swimwear under your clothing. The only exception will be our baby swimmers still in nappies as changing into swimming nappies can still happen in designated changing areas. Everyone will however be able to change after the lesson but we would ask that this takes place as quickly as possible and you are existing the building within 15 minutes of your lesson finishing. A great option for children is a quick change into a baby grow or onesie for a swift change.
  • Baby Change Mats These will no longer be kept on site so we recommend bringing along your own change mat. The roll up versions are very easy to travel with. An example can be seen here in our webshop View Change Mat Alternatively an extra towel will suffice.
  • Goggles / Swim Hats / Snorkelling Equipment – As a precaution Teachers will not be able to keep spares of these items so please ensure that if your pool / lesson requires them, that you bring your own personal ones each week.
  • Additional Bag – Upon arrival at the pool you will be asked to remove shoes as normal however you shall need to keep these with the rest of your belongings so we recommend an extra carrier bag.
  • Umbrella – Some of our pools have small entrance halls and will only be able to accommodate 2 or 3 swimmers at a time. This may mean that you are asked to wait outside until swimmers have moved on to changing areas. As all areas cannot be covered we would suggest an umbrella just in case.
  • No Spectators - Whilst we keep to social distance requirements we do have to ask that only the swimming parent / carer comes to the pool. We would normally love to welcome more parents in the pool and spectators but for the time being this just simply won't be possible.
  • No Make Up Classes – To ensure that swimmers remain in their pod / bubble we regret that make up classes will not be possible for the foreseeable future. We hope you understand that this is for the safety of everyone. As always please be assured that your teacher will ensure that you catch up during class on any skills you may have missed previously.

In the Pool

Once you are changed and ready to swim you will place your bags in the designated bag area and wait to be invited into the pool. There will be clearly marked waiting areas at each venue. The great news is that all of our pools are chlorine treated and therefore provide a level of protection in the water. Your teacher will have allocated each swimmer and parent their own "learning Zone" and this will be pointed out to you when your lesson commences. Aquatots Teachers will continue to teach from within the water where required in a designated teaching zone and not moving around the pool as much as you have been used to, so we can keep as much distance as possible. At times where distance is not possible and where parents may need assistance, our teachers will be wearing a clear mask to provide additional protection and at times they may even be sitting on the pool side.

At the end of your lesson you will have clear instructions on the route you should take to collect your bag and get changed. We ask that change time is kept to a minimum and you are exiting the building via the designated route within a maximum of 15 mins of your class finishing.

We are in this together - Help us to help you

  • Please observe social distancing and keep your child with you at all times both outside the venue in parking areas and whilst in the building.
  • Use all hand sanitisers and cleaning stations where directed.
  • Please comply with all directional signage within the venue.
  • Please keep changing times to a minimum and arrive Swim Ready.
  • Please arrive promptly and depart soon after your lesson is complete.
  • Please be patient if asked to queue.
  • Please ensure you have read and understand your pool venue instructions before arrival.
  • Please follow all instructions given by your Teacher. As well as being highly skilled swim teachers, they are the most knowledgeable people you will have at your venue on how best to stay safe whilst with us.
  • If you wish to discuss any individual issues with your teacher can we ask that this takes place via a call outside of lesson to ensure that we can swiftly exit swimmers from the water.
  • Most importantly if you are unwell or display any Symptoms of Coronavirus please do not attend your lesson and notify us via phone.

Your Checklist of what to bring

  • Your Pool Venue Instructions.
  • Swim Nappy for your little one. Two tight fitting layers as normal.
  • Swimwear on under your Clothing (With the exception of Nappy wearing Babies / Toddlers).
  • Towels for Parent and Child.
  • Change Mat extra thick towel for our younger swimmers who need to be laid down for changing.
  • Extra Bag for Shoes to be placed in.
  • Goggles / Swim Hat or Snorkel & Fins kit* if required for your lessons .
  • Face Mask.
  • Your own hand sanitiser and wipes as a precaution.
  • *Snorkel kit for child levels only