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REBOOKING INTO A NEW TERMHow to ensure my space is safe?

Most of our swimmers are now familiar with the Aquatots rebooking process but here is a little overview just in case.

As busy parents running around after 1 or more children we appreciate that things like booking your child’s swimming lessons need to be as simple and stress free as possible. This is where our online booking system and existing customer priority comes in.

By initially booking onto an Aquatots course we assume that you are just at the start of your journey and will be staying with us to give your child the very best start in their swimming education.

Whichever swim level you are currently booked to swim in, we also take the opportunity to reserve your priority space in the next term / level ahead and this place is held complimentary for you until approx. week 6 or 7 or your term which is approx 5 to 6 weeks before the new term begins.

At this point we shall send you your own priority rebooking invitation giving you the opportunity to book that space and continue your Aquatots learning. The most important part of that email is the rebooking deadline which is generally 7 to 10 days from the receipt of the email. After this date, if a space has not been confirmed we will remove your priority reservation which allows this space to be booked by a new swimmer or perhaps someone keen to move from another pool.

Booking into Spring Term 2021

Many of you had already booked for a new term that was due to start in January however we know some of you were waiting to hear more news before you committed so may not have a space confirmed just yet for the new term. Please don't worry as we have a plan to get you all booked in but will need your help too, so here is how it will work.

As mentioned above normally during a term we will ask swimmers to book for the new term approx 5 weeks before it starts. This allows us the time to book everyone in, confirm pool hours with our venues and issue you all with new timetables and swim guides etc. This term will be a little different as many pools are running to different dates and may still have a number of weeks to complete the old Autumn term first. Therefore rebooking will work as follows:

  • Pools with 0 to 3 Lessons Remaining of Autumn Term to Swim: Your Spring term is not too far away now so we really need to get everyone booked in and confirmed soon. Therefore if you have not yet booked we shall send your personal invitations out to you on 23rdMarch and your booking deadline shall be 30thMarch.
  • Pools with 4 - 6 Lessons Remaining of the Autumn Term to Swim: We have the benefit of a little more time to get your Spring Term sorted so you can expect to receive your invites a little later on 13thApril with a deadline of 20thApril, if you have not already booked.
  • And Finally... Now that accounts for all but two of our pools which are Woldingham and Coulsdon who have 7 weeks plus of the Autumn term to complete. As you can probably work out, this takes you until early Summer so will shall skip out the Spring and move straight into a Summer term which brings us nicely back into sync with other pools. Hopefully useful for those families swimming at more than one location!!

We hope that this schedule works for everyone and would ask for your help and support in getting places confirmed during the relevant booking deadlines. We simply can’t wait to have you in the pool again and would hate to have any delays or pauses between terms after we have all missed so much swimming time already. This schedule allows to move seamlessly from Autumn term into Spring without any gaps and more time for fun in the pool.

How can I check which of these groups I fall into and whether I need to book?

Our Pool Timetable is being updated on a daily basis as each pool confirms its start dates. This table not only shows you how many weeks, if any, are remaining for the Autumn Term but also shows you the rebooking deadline and term dates for the Spring Term. Your teacher will also update you in due course.

You can check your swim start dates, and how many weeks you have left from the Autumn 20 term remaining using the widget below. You will need to know your pool location and day of the week you swim. If you are unsure of the number of days you have left remaining of the AU20 term, once you select you pool location and day, the information is displayed for you in bottom left hand corner under Autumn 2020 Term.