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Swimming in a combined class? - No problem!

Sometimes it is necessary for Aquatots to combine 2 different levels into one class for the following term. Normally, in our Baby and Toddler programme, the levels that we combine will be back to back (eg. level 3 & level 4) however, very occasionally in our Toddler or Child programme, these levels could be two or three apart (eg. level 19 & level 21).

Sometimes you will be aware that your class may be combined with another at the time of re-booking into the next term, however, occasionally this may be a last minute adjustment prior to term start, due to lower bookings than anticipated by your teacher and the Aquatots office.

Why do we do it?

Aquatots will only consider combining 2 different levels when both classes have a small number of swimmers, and these classes would otherwise be cancelled.

Each class has a fixed cost made up of pool hire and the teacher’s pay as well as an allocation of office expense. Every pool has a minimum number of swimmers required in each class depending on it’s individual fixed costs, therefore, when the numbers in a class are low, it can become uneconomic to run and will put pressure on the limited pool time we have available. Rather than cancelling the class which would mean changing the day that you swim, possibly a new teacher and/or moving pool site, we prefer to combine classes to allow our customers to carry on swimming with as little change to the routine as possible. This provides continuity and consistency for our customers as you would normally be able to swim at your existing pool with your current teacher on the same day and at a similar time.

How are our combined classes taught?

All Aquatots teachers are trained to the highest standards having gone through a rigorous and comprehensive training programme. They are very familiar with, and have complete command of, all progression stages of every skill that they teach, allowing them to adapt every class to the individual needs of every swimmer.

The skills taught in a combined class will be predominantly the higher of the two levels (in a combined level 3 & 4 class, level 4 skills will be taught) however, the teacher will always demonstrate and teach the previous stages of a skill (level 3 skills) where necessary to fill in any gaps. Our aim is to bring all of the swimmers up to speed with all of the higher of the two level’s skills by the end of term so that the entire combined class can move up to the next level the following term (in the example above - Level 5) and we find that this approach is very successful.

How does that affect me?

If you are in the higher of the two levels, your baby, toddler or child will be taught all of the new skills that make up the higher Aquatots level as you would expect when swimming in a non-combined class. Your child may even become the star of the show as they demonstrate the skills to the children from the lower level.

If you are in the lower of the two levels, your baby, toddler or child will also be taught all of the new skills that make up the higher Aquatots level, as well as the preceding stage or stages of the skills where necessary. Your child will also benefit from the company of the children in the higher level as most young children improve their skills by copying others.

Either way, your child will experience all of the new skills required for them to make the progress you have come to expect from swimming with Aquatots. They will also benefit from the social aspects of swimming with a group of their peers and might even make new friends.

Furthermore, by swimming in a combined level, it is unlikely that the numbers in your class will drop again to an uneconomic level, allowing further consistency and continuity for future terms.

The advantages of running combined levels:

  • Avoids cancellation of smaller classes.
  • Allows consistency and continuity of pool site, day and teacher.
  • No drop in teaching standards or skills taught.
  • Young children learn well in groups.
  • Retains the ‘social’ aspects of swimming.

If you would like to know any more about your combined level please speak to your teacher, as he or she will be in the best position to address any concerns or answer any questions you may have.