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We would love to welcome you to our classes very soon so here is how to get started!

Which level do I need?

If you are unsure just click here to determine which level you would be joining at. Our pool finder will then help you chose which pools would be convenient to you and suitable for your level.

Once you have an idea of where you may like to swim just call our friendly office team who will be able to check availability whilst also provisionally securing your space for 5 days. Remember, Aquatots also offer group discounts for 3 or more swimmers when joining for the first term so make sure you let our bookings team know to secure your discount.

Once we have reserved you the space, the Aquatots booking team will provide you with your unique Aquatots on-line account details allowing you to visit our designated booking page, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and finally make payment for your course. Payment can be made using most major debit and credit cards and will take just two minutes to complete.

The Aquatots Booking Team will then send across a receipt for your payment, plus your important course confirmation details. Then you will be all set for your first day in the pool!

The Aquatots course fee is £152.50 for all days and pools with the course duration being nine, thirty minute sessions delivered weekly within term start and end dates. A half term break is usually inserted to allow for school holidays.

Our approximate term dates are available here and although we aim to keep all pools running at similar times there will be differences between locations. The office will confirm the exact dates for you.

Should you have any trouble with our on-line booking system please either contact the Aquatots Booking Team or watch our helpful on-line booking tutorial.