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ABOUT AQUATOTS Often Copied, Never Rivalled!

The Complete Swim Experience from Pregnancy to Primary

Baby swimming

Our friendly comprehensive swimming programme is spread across 29 progressive levels suitable for the early introduction of babies, from 10 weeks old in our Level 1, right through to children of approximately 7 or 8 years in our Child Level 29. We not only teach the children how to swim but also, water confidence, water safety and when older, snorkeling, rescue and how to use underwater scooters! And you can choose between many venues with weekday or weekend classes

Not only has the Aquatots programme been carefully enhanced and adapted over the 22 years to be the best Baby, Toddler and Child swimming program available, but we also take care to ensure that the babies and children are swimming in a suitable and warm environment.

For example our baby classes will always be taught in warm, shallow private pools ensuring the perfect relaxed surroundings for new parents and first time swimmers. Once the children are able to swim independently, we move to bigger pools providing the extra space required, so all swimmers are encouraged to develop their skills to their maximum potentials.

We also want and need our parents to join us in the water throughout the programme, even into the later swim levels. This not only keeps this activity as a shared family event ensuring learning continues outside of our lessons, on holiday for example, but also avoids that common issue in many other swim clubs without parents, where children sadly spend lots of wasted time waiting for a Teacher to swim with each one individually. During that time they often start to get bored and lose their enthusiasm. Having a parent in the water ensures that each child has a personal assistant at all time, to enhance and speed up the learning process altogether.

Where it all began

Aquatots was founded by mum of two Evy Bentzon-Jones in 1997. Evy started off initially with just 20 swimmers a week in two pools. Within a year Evy had increased this to 5 pools and 104 babies swimming with us. From here the first 3 levels were introduced and Aquatots began to grow through Evy's passion, enthusiasm and teaching ability.

By the turn of the millennium Aquatots had run their first teach training course, now with 6 teachers to meet the needs of the 500+ swimmers we were teaching each week. Aquatots also moved into the office on the Brighton Road in 2000 where we are still based today, some 19 years later.

Aquatots first breached the 1,000 swimmers a week milestone in 2001, as we also increased to 13 teachers and 8 swim levels. As the years rolled on, Aquatots never stood still and continued to develop new levels and skills to meet the growing demands of our young swimmers, recruiting more teachers all the time, and increasing the support staff from the office.

In 2008 we finally broke the 2,000 swimmers a term goal we'd set ourselves, something which we could perhaps never of dreamed of back at the very start just 11 years before. Our 25 pools were proving popular as ever in our now expanded 21 swim levels.

Fast forward slightly to 2012 and we then reached out next milestone of an unbelievable total of 2,500 swimmers a week. We were now swimming at upwards of 30 pools and run our 29 swim levels 7 days a week. Our teaching team had increased as well to over 40 teachers as well.

Today Aquatots are still at the forefront of the baby swimming industry, leading the way, having fun and teaching over 4000 children every week how to swim and enjoy the water safely. The passion Evy started with in 1997 is still there shining through, and it's with immense pride Evy sees this in all the Aquatots Team each and every day.

Aquatots aim has always been to provide swimmers with the best, most progressive, structured and fun swim classes available, something we feel we achieve every single day!