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Give your little one a gift for life

Taking your baby to swimming classes for the first time naturally will raise a few questions beforehand. Is my baby old enough or should I wait until they are a toddler? Will they enjoy being in a swimming pool? Will the water be warm enough? The answer is YES to all, if baby is over 10 weeks and weighs 10 lbs. The earlier you start, the better it is and the more naturally baby takes to the water.

There are so many wonderful benefits to joining our Aquatots programme. Our aim is to teach your child that all important skill of how to swim, but in addition to that

Health benefits – The stimulation of water over the body helps to develop and strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and the pressure of the water helps to develop strong muscles. This is why swimming is not only a fantastic multi-sensory experience for babies and children, but also for children with any disabilities as they will enjoy the wonderful sensation the water gives them.  It is also a great way to build up any weak muscles, again where some children may not be able to move as freely outside of the water, they can have that wonderful feeling of freedom in the pool.               

Lifesaving skills - This starts from the very first week they attend our lessons. For instance, we teach the babies how to hold on to the side of the pool and to always turn back to the pool side to hold on after little swims. Babies very quickly get used to and are happy to do short swims under water and can hold their breath if accidentally falling into the water too. We then adapt and progress these lifesaving skills in a fun way as the babies grow into toddlers (level 8 and above). When the children are ready to enter our Child Levels (level 14 and above), they are learning basic self-rescue skills and not only how to be safe themselves in water but also how to help others.

Great Family Bonding time - Our swimming lessons are a perfect opportunity to bond with your baby or toddler. Life can be busy and spending time in the warm water with your little one in an Aquatots class is a great opportunity for you and baby to have each other’s undivided attention. Concentrating on having fun and teaching your child a wonderful life skill at the same time.

Water confidence for you and them -  Attending an Aquatots class with your baby reassures them and builds their confidence around water. Babies and toddlers are also able to achieve a significant amount of independence during their lessons like holding on to the side, swimming up to a metre independently or kicking on a float. This independence builds their overall confidence.  Lessons have also been seen to improve parent’s water confidence too, particularly those who cannot swim and have previously avoided swimming pools, just by the relaxed environment in our private pools, extra reassurance from the in water Teachers and seeing their little ones with no fear. 

Socialising The Aquatots classes are a great opportunity to meet other parents with children of a similar age to your own. Many of our swimmers who begin in level 1 Ducklings remain friends with their classmates throughout the programme, into the Child levels.