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Don't despair, we are there

Believe it or not it's quite common for even the happiest little swimmer to have a period where they may be unsettled in the water and not appear to enjoy their lessons anymore. Many of our best and most successful swimmers have been in that situation for a while and come through to be our best swimmers!!

Sadly this is quite often the time when parents question whether to continue or not. Our advice is YES!! Don't stop now, they will get through it.!!! You want to give your child a positive message that swimming is fun and worthwhile rather than quitting and giving a negative lasting message.

Taking a Break? In most circumstances your Teacher will advise against taking a break at this stage as this can often extend the problem to a later date rather than end it.

It's also important to attend as many lessons as possible in a term as breaks of a few weeks can also amplify the problem and undo progress made previously.

Instead our Teachers will work with you to recommend the best activities in each lesson to get your child back into their swimming. Read on for some Top Teacher Tips.

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Teacher Tips

  • Don't force it.
    If they don't want to complete every swim, no problem. Celebrate the activities they do complete for now and gently introduce extras.
  • Keep it Fun!
    Let's get back to basics and work on your child being happy to be in the water again. Focus on the play for a while and keep it as light hearted as possible yet still keeping close to the rest of the class so you both still see what else is happening.
  • If they appear unhappy to go underwater for a time.
    Stay above and gradually encourage activities such as blowing bubbles and splashing to get the water back on their face without them being particularly aware.
  • Older Siblings that swim?
    This will be very dependent on the pool and class numbers but where possible your Teacher may suggest that older sibling joins the lesson once or twice to encourage younger ones involvement again.
  • Both Parents in the water.
    Again very dependent on pool but at some of our larger pools, your Teacher may suggest having Mum & Dad in the water together.
  • Toys!
    We will always have toys on hand to encourage water play and don't be afraid to use them if they help.
  • Keep talking to your Teacher about any doubts / worries you have.
    Chances are they have experienced the same before with another child perhaps even their own and can offer real life examples of tips to try.