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Aquatanatal Teacher Angee tells us just why she believes it is so rewarding

One of my most rewarding roles with working for Aquatots has been helping to create and teach Aquanatal classes for the past few years. Teaching Mums –to-be a 20 min cardio routine to help them stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy, as well as educating them on correct pelvic floor exercises (plus the benefits of them)! Also taking them through breathing techniques to help through all stages of labour, then finishing the 45 min class with a fabulous relaxation, that feels like pure bliss. 

I absolutely love being able to help my pregnant Mums-to-be on all the positives of giving birth and how our bodies know what to do when that magic day comes to meet their precious baby. But unfortunately we always hear so much negativity on giving birth, through media and friends, that no wonder so many women are expecting the worse!

That is why we really focus on educating our mums on how the body works for us, with the techniques we teach, but we also do not judge on what birth they choose, its all about letting them know they have options, that we want to help them to feel relaxed and happy through their pregnancy, as well as being able to talk to other mums-to-be that are going through the same thing. I strongly believe that it is so important to know what techniques can be used to help stay calm, especially at the beginning of labour, to then feel more in control. 


As classes are kept small, the mums really bond together quickly, which normally means we all end up chatting and sharing advice at the end of the class!

It feels fantastic when you receive a text or email like the one below from one of your mums saying they have had their baby, and that they used what they learnt in class to help them, it really makes you feel proud that you have helped during such a special time. 

"I managed to get to get to 8 cm with the basic birth breath you taught us, my midwife was very impressed with my breathing.  I ended up opting for an epidural at 8cm but I managed a natural birth. Feels like a real healing process after my last  experience and I couldn’t have done it with out you!  Thank you so much!’- Julia & Baby Laurence 


The feedback from our Mums has been so positive, they always mention how the breathing really helped them and that they want to come back to classes, especially for the relaxation as it makes them feel they are floating away all their stress.

Our Aquanatal mums do have the option of returning to the classes to help with their post-natal recovery & fitness, once they have had their 6 week check up. This is great to help tone up after baby, as well as carrying on with those all important Pelvic floor exercises, which we often forget to do after having baby.