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Looking after our Mums to Be with Exercise, Well being & Relaxation

If you are reading this page, it's likely that you or someone close to you is expecting, so may we start by saying .......Congratulations!!

Lets take some time....to think about you

This is such an exciting and amazing time and no doubt you are keen to give yourself the best possible start to parenthood whilst you are pregnant. Both with your physical health and your emotional wellbeing. It's no secret that exercise is a fantastic way to look after your body and that being in water can provide the safest form of exercise whilst pregnant whilst also being incredibly relaxing. It's for these reason that Aquatots, who have been looking after your babies now in the water for 20 years, offer an even earlier start to the benefits of water, with our Aquanatal programme specifically designed for Mums to be.

How our classes work

Our 45 minutes classes begin with a gentle warm up, to prepare your body before engaging in the fun cardio segment, performed to suitably chosen music. In water depth suitable for all, even if a non confident swimmer. The exercises we use can be adapted to all levels of fitness and physical capability. Included each week is invaluable antenatal education, breathing techniques to help during all stages of your birthing process, important exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, and a wonderful relaxation section to finish, which will help you feel calm as well as enjoying a lovely bonding moment for you and baby.

The Aquatots Way

As with our baby programme, we only use Warm private pools and provide an intimate and personal approach with a maximum of 6 mums to each class. Our Teachers are trained to the highest standard and provide great support to each individual Mum in what can be, for some, an apprehensive time too. Our aim is to look after you and give you a very special time to bond with your baby whilst relaxing and exercising. Some of our Mums have told us these classes seem to really stimulate baby and they were rewarded by lots of movement whilst in the water, making them even more special moments.

The Benefits

  • Gain a useful insight into your body, how your hormones are preparing your body for birth, birth positions and labour.
  • Help reduce blood pressure, as just being in water causes your body to naturally rid itself of excess water and salt and alleviate swollen ankles and wrists.
  • Improves cardiovascular efficiency, helping pump more blood around the body and to the placenta, providing baby with more oxygen and nourishment.
  • Emotional benefits with the water helping relieve tension and aiding the release of your body's natural endorphins helping keep you and baby relaxed.
  • Circulation is enhanced, helping to prevent varicose veins and haemorrhoids
  • Suitable and beneficial for those suffering with pelvic girdle pain. All exercise is in the pool so you can benefit from feeling cushioned by the water at all times.
  • Safe for non-swimmers.
  • Course can be repeated as many times as you like!
  • A great early introduction to the pool environment for your little one even before they are born so they are really ready for their first baby swimming lessons to come.

Are you ready to start on this wonderful course?

If you are keen to give yourself that great extra preparation for birth with some relaxation time too, call our office team now on 020 8688 6488 or use our contact form

To read from one of our experienced Aquanatal Teachers who explains, why she feels the courses work so well for Mum's amd baby read more

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