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TINA THE TIGER SHARK Meet The Aquatots Characters

Hi there, my name is Tina the Tiger Shark and I've come along to teach you as Omari said you did so well last term!

Like my friends I am an excellent swimmer and going to show you more skills this term to help you win races and swim faster. Are you ready to do some more swim medleys and tumble turn from back crawl to breast stroke? You'll have to swim fast to win a race with me so try your best and I'm sure we will have lots of fun!

Let me tell you a little bit more …

What we shall learn with Tina in Level 26 of the Aquatots Programme The serious bits for Mums & Dads

We have lots of new skills to try this term. The "catch up" exercises are designed to get full stretch of the arms in both front and back crawl allowing for a more efficient pull in both strokes. Front crawl "on the side" will allow your child to practice breathing to the side and strengthen the legs.

As well as continuing to develop your child's strokes we have two new turns to try this term and snorkel races and scooter barrel rolls are bound to be a big hit with the adults and children alike during the snorkelling sessions. Enjoy and hope you have lots of fun!


Now a little bit more about me and my family More about Tina and the Tiger shark family

I am named for my dark, vertical stripes that are found on my back. My stripes are a lot stronger than my dad's and they tend to fade, as we get older. I love my food. Me and my other tiger shark friends are often known as the "dustbins" of the sea! We will eat anything including stingrays, squid and birds and have even eaten car license plates and old tires before! We have such a powerful jaw and sharp teeth, we can even crack through the shells of sea turtles.

I like to be on my own most of the time and also I like to hunt at night, as I have excellent eyesight. I am told I will grow up to 13 feet long. I love to swim fast in the sea chasing things so I have lots of skills to help you win races and swim even better in the sea! We are going to learn to do swim medleys where we mix up our swims and different tumble turns to help us keep streamlined and swim faster!

I usually live in tropical and sub-tropical waters throughout the world. Like my friends unfortunately, I won't be able to be in your swimming pool this term as I can't be trusted-last time I ate all the diving rings! I will be watching you though and cheering you on and hope you have lots of Fun!!

Next term, you will be meeting Maddy The Mako