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SANDY THE SWAN Meet The Aquatots Characters

Well hello little one, I am Sidney's Mum, Sandy the Swan and I am so very pleased you are joining me this term. Sidney tells me you love your swimming just like he does, so I know you shall really enjoy what's in store for Level 3.

I know your Mummy & Daddy are already very proud of you and they will be amazed what you are going to achieve this term.

Let me tell you a little bit more …

What we shall learn with Sandy in Level 3 of the Aquatots Programme The serious bits for Mums & Dads

Several new and rewarding skills are introduced at this level. This is where we start introducing the concept of establishing a basic swimming rhythm and a breathing pattern at the same time. Learning is further developed, as you and your baby are introduced to water safety skills that are invaluable to learn and build upon in higher swim levels. Even at this young age, most babies start to develop their very first basic arm stroke. Babies are now ready to enjoy a little more boisterous exercise, and the babies will learn to swim just a little further, aided by your slip stream as you both move through the water. Level 3, is a key level where the benefit of the previous levels starts to prepare our Aquatots for new swims in level 4 and beyond.


Now a little bit more about me and my family More about Sandy and Swans

My name is Sandy and I am a grown up Swan. You can see I am an adult by my beautiful white feathers and bright orange beak. When I spread my wings fully, I can stretch to nearly 200 cm wingspan!! How far can you stretch when you hold both arms out wide?

I am a Mute Swan and we can be found in Europe and some of America too. We can be found living in lakes, rivers and ponds and we create large nests close to the water although we can sleep on the water too. My family and I live in the United Kingdom which makes us very special Swans indeed as we have a very important owner. Do you know who that is? It’s the Queen of England!! Yes that’s correct, all Mute Swans in the UK are owned by the Queen.

We eat mostly plants and vegetation in the water, a bit like the vegetables that Mummy and Daddy ask you to eat but we also eat small fish, frogs and worms.

We are one of the largest birds in the UK and can weigh up to 12kg. Some people think that makes us too big to fly but we are very good at flying despite our size.

Did you know female swans are called a Pen and male swans are called a Cob. Do you think you can remember that? Sidney is just one of my babies this year. We started to make theirbig nest in March and we finished it before May. I laid 5 eggs this summer, so Sidney has 2 sisters and 2 brothers all growing up together. They will all stay with me and their Daddy until they are 1 year old, they will then fly off together with their friends to start their very own exciting adventures.

Don't worry though, they won't be on their own, as baby swans stay together with their brothers and sisters looking after each other until they are about two years old. Do you have any brothers and sisters that help to look after you?

I do hope you practise your kicking a lot. I am lucky as Swans have extra strong legs and webbed feet to help us kick through the water. Next time you are in the water why not see just how strong you kick to push you through the water. And when you see me or any of my family on a river or lake do stop and say hello.