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Learning to swim is an incredible adventure for your little one and you too! With Aquatots as your swim school, you are choosing the best swim school out there.

With Aquatots you can start to swim baby from 10 weeks old months. By this age parents have had time to get to know their baby and baby has had time to become a bit more robust.

To enrol on our Duckling Level 1 class we do require them to also be over 10lbs (4.5kg's) and under 18 months old.

No, this is not necessary, but we always suggest that you refer to your G.P./Health visitor if you have any doubts or concerns. Some parents like to wait until baby has had all their immunisations before starting the classes but we are happy to start them before they are immunised. For more information visit the NHS Website

It's never too late to learn with Aquatots, and we can happily accomadate children at any age in our programme. If your little one is older than 18 months and hasn't been in classes before, then our Foundation Course is just the thing for you.

Babies must wear two layers: this is to protect the pool rather than baby. If a pool is fouled it can result in the rest of that days classes being cancelled and the pool having to be emptied of water, which we really don't want.

Aquatots strongly recommend that you wear the Aqua Wrap system available through our web shop. This completely re-useable system is made up of 3 parts. Firstly a paper liner which if soiled can be disposed of, with the cotton wrap over the top of this. The third layer is the neoprene happy nappy which is tightly fitting around babies legs and tummy. To view and purchase the Aqua Wrap system visit: Aqua Wrap system

No, you do not need to be able to swim or have to submerge yourself to participate in the classes. There are some exercises where your going under the water is an opportunity to meet baby underwater and share the experience. It is important to fix a smile on your face when baby does surface after a dip as they like to see that they have pleased you. The more relaxed and calm you are during the lesson the better for baby as they will pick up on your nerves and tension. The less tense and more relaxed you are the steadier their confidence and yours will grow as week by week more is achieved.

We recommend that you wait one hour after your babies feed before swimming. Once out of the water and dried and dressed and back in the car or on the way home it is advisable to give baby a ''snack'' if they are hungry. Please do not feed them in or around the pool area or changing rooms.

We know you are keen to get in the pool which is great, so aim to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your class and be at poolside just a few minutes before your class starts. Arriving at this point will help to keep the changing areas less busy and far more comfortable for all.

One of the biggest things which differentiates Aquatots from all other swimming schools is that we take children from as young as 10 weeks old, all the way into their school years, so up to around 7 years old. This means that once you've learnt to swim 5 meters you can then join our specialist child programme where we introduce strokework, snorkelling and many more fun activities. We truely offer the most complete, progressive programme for babies, toddlers and children.