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Hi there, my name is Bradley and I'm a Blue shark!

Like my friends that have taught you previously, I am an excellent swimmer that can not only swim fast but also dive high out of the water. Are you ready to swim faster this term with more races and tumble turns? We are going to have so much fun learning different skills to make us faster stronger and even better swimmers!

Let me tell you a little bit more …

What we shall learn with Bradley in Level 24 of the Aquatots Programme The serious bits for Mums & Dads

This term races with tumble turns both with front and back crawl are going to be exciting for the parents and great fun for the kids!

On rescue day children are going to continue to build stamina with the use of swimming in our pyjamas, diving through hoops and timed treading water competitions. We will also emphasise the importance of safety and preserving energy by resting in a star float in-between swims.

On Distance day children may continue to need a longer time in the pool and may be completing anything up to 1000 meters and possibly even more. You and your child should be very proud-don't forget to order your distance badge and certificate form the webshop to mark their achievement!


Now a little bit more about me and my family More about Bradley and the Blue shark family

I am one of the most beautiful sharks of all and am easy to identify with my special slim, torpedo shape. I live in a "school" with my friends and love diving in deep water just like you will do in your pyjamas on rescue day this term! I usually swim about 400 meters below sea level and am found all over the world in cool waters.

I am much smaller than my friends that have taught you before and usually reach up to 4 metres and weigh 450 pounds. I love my food too and usually eat squid, bony fish, shrimps and lobster. Like you I love to dive and can often be seen jumping high in the water as it often helps me to find my lunch!

I like to be with my other Blue Shark friends and we work together to find our food, we swim in a pack to herd our food into one place, so it is easier for us to eat. My teeth are a triangle shape which makes it easier to catch slippery fish!

I am a very clever shark and have a special sense of feeling. I can even sense a heart beating from several miles away so I will be able to keep a close eye on you in your lessons. We are going to have loads of fun again this term and I have told your teacher about lots of skills to help you swim faster and be a great swimmer like me!

Next term, you will be meeting Omari The Oceanic White Tip