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CORONAVIRUS - LATEST NEWS Your Latest News Updates For Coronavirus & Your Aquatots Classes

Great News - Swimming Pools can Now Re-open

A big Hello and a huge thank you, to all our Aquatots families…  

Following on from the very exciting news announced today. The UK Government announced that Swimming pools have permission to re-open from 25th July. Our teachers are so excited and cannot wait to see you all again very soon. Whilst this announcement is a big step towards being back in the water and having fun, we have to mention some pools will need time to re-open. Many have to provide staff with return to work notice, get their pools up and running and adapt them to meet the new required safe swimming guidelines. We will be welcoming you all back to swimming as soon as we are able to do so.

Aquatots are already busy working with our pool owners, helping to ensure required procedures are in place, so when we return to swimming it is safe for all of our swimmers to do so.

Our main priority at Aquatots, is to keep you, our swimmers and of course our teachers safe, whilst still being able to enjoy the special way  Aquatots teaches your lessons. We are adapting your lesson plans, to ensure that activities are safe whilst maintaining all the fun elements of the class to guarantee our usual fun based learning.

Please bear in mind, not all pools are the same, so not all pools will open at exactly the same time.

We will create a Pool Update page for you to visit, that will have information regarding your  pool and its proposed opening date. We will be contacting you when the time is right with information and details of the revised procedures regarding your new lesson schedule.

We are all extremely grateful for all of our swimmers messages, encouragement and unwavering support, while we have endured the recent lockdown. We cannot wait to see you all again, getting back into the water, doing what we all love - having fun.

Taking care of you and your children

Please let us start by assuring you all that the wellbeing and health of Aquatots families is our primary focus and therefore we are closely monitoring the current situation and how that impacts our swimmers and teachers. This page will be updated with information if and when the situation changes along with regular mail updates to our swimming families on a Friday with activities and videos to keep in touch.


Aquatots Lessons are currently delayed until we are allowed back into the pool

We are very sorry to announce, that due to the current covid19 crisis, all of our Aquatots lessons have sadly been suspended until we are informed that we are able to return to the swimming pool. We assure you we are monitoring the developments from Public Health England closely and following all current government guidelines.  

What does this mean for your booked courses?

We really hope to be back with you all in the pool soon  but will follow any guidelines and advice provided by the government.  At the moment all courses booked are simply delayed rather than cancelled so nobody will lose out on bookings made

We have put together a few FAQ's that may help provide you with more information at this time but don’t forget our office is still open to assist you during the week via our remote office number 020 86385572 or via info@aquatots.com so please do contact us if you have any questions not answered below

Can we take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal swimming families for their support and understanding at this time. Although our classes won't be on for a short while, we shall stay in regular contact with things for you to do at home with your little ones. We are doing all we can to support you, our loyal swimmers, our teachers and our pool hirers over the coming weeks, until we are able to resume swimming. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again quite soon


My Winter Term still had a few weeks left to finish the term. Have I lost these lessons?

No, any weeks remaining from the winter term will be carried over and take place as soon as its deemed appropriate to resume.


I have booked for the Spring Term but how will I know when this is going ahead? Will you keep me informed and will the timetable I have been sent me updated?

We will keep everyone updated regularly. We are not disappearing and will keep in touch with you all via email on a weekly basis. As soon as we have a date to return, we will immediately notify all swimmers in a general mail and then begin the process of issuing new timetables to each of you.


I have not yet booked my new term and wish to wait until the situation is clearer on when we can return before making a decision. Is there a chance I could lose my space?

It's great that you are still wishing to return and can understand that you may be cautious about booking immediately without a confirmed start date. Firstly, let us reassure you that any bookings made now will be safe and your swimming will start as soon as it's possible to do so. If however, you wish to wait for further developments just drop us a note to let us know that you are hoping to continue and we shall note this on our system, keeping your space available until we have confirmed return date.


I recently had underwater photos taken but now cannot receive my prints?

Normally Underwater Photos are provided to our swimmers on week 9 of the term which of course for many of you has not yet taken place.  If you had photos taken and would like these sent on, please make contact with your Teacher and we shall arrange to have the digital copies emailed to you.


With a long break between lessons is there a chance that my child will fall back in their learning? Is there anything we can do at home in the meantime?

Generally, we have a three to four-week breaks between terms and because of this our return to a new term always involves a few weeks of gentle reminders to get everyone back into the flow. This will be our practise for all lessons when we return but in the meantime we are busy working on some practice at home videos to provide tips on maintaining water confidence with your younger swimmers.  These can be found on our You Tube Channel Click Here

Please keep an eye out for our weekly emails with any updates we have plus the latest videos and some new activities each week to keep little ones busy at home,  These can also be found here