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Aquatots offer our very own range of wetsuits, which are ideal for use at your class or even on summer holidays. Read about the great benefits and safety aspects below.

Our Teachers, as parents themselves, will always recommend taking away an Aquatots Thermoflex wetsuit as there is nothing better available to keep your  little one warm in those cooler pools but protected from the sun too.  

Thermoflex wetsuits are exclusively designed by and manufactured solely for  Aquatots.  Made of a
high technology  super flexible, stretch  material that is    extremely comfortable to wear and easy to put on and off, via the extra long  zip  panel opening at the rear of the suits.  

 The 0.5 mm Titanium Thermoflex suits are ideal to  keep colder  babies snug & warm during their Aquatots pool sessions, or whilst swimming in cooler public pools at home, abroad, or for the beach. This thin unique fabric retains body heat over 30% higher than a normal neoprene suit, and  offers UVA /UVB protection towards the sun  at the same  time (factor 50-60%), and gives minimum buoyancy and drag in the water. 

Better still the Thermoflex suit is available in a range of sizes from: 3-6 months all  the way up to 6-7 yrs and can be purchased individually or as part of our great  Holiday Swim Packs including some of our littles ones favourite swim toys and  aids to keep them occupied whilst away and continue your learning. 

Thermoflex wetsuits are  exclusively designed by and manufactured solely for Aquatots.  You will not find these suits in the shops, nor will you find the quality of material elsewhere.

The 0.5mm suits are available in unisex  colour; black with red panels on arms, shoulder, collar and legs, designed for safety and allowing easy spotting in the pool, on the beach or in a crowd. We do recommend the use of a happy Nappy or similar swim nappy  control  underneath, if your child is not yet potty trained.